Mavy shows guts and insight

Reader Input
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I just read Ben Mavy’s guest column as a Placer County Water Agency Board board member (“Another View,” March 28). It was an excellent article and very encouraging to read how articulate this gentleman is, as well as his guts to bring the financial ineptness of the water board to light. The PCWA board’s irresponsible lack of acknowledgement about the problems with its pension fund typifies how so many boards, public and private, turn their heads to reality. Here’s someone who wants to act fiscally responsible and his concerns fall on the deaf ears of his counterparts. People try to go into public service to effectuate change and make things better. So often the complacent incumbents seem to prevail and by doing so jeopardize the next generation’s future. Kudos to Mr. Mavy and may he persist in his quest for looking out for the future of water users in our county. MARY BARDELLINI, Auburn