May Bear River beat Colfax

Reader Input
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I realize there is an abundance of things that need doing that are vastly more important than high school football, like ... climbing granite and/or limestone cliffs, running the American River Canyon, bicycling the Foresthill Divide Loop Trail, buying organic at the Farmers Market, stopping government waste, etc., etc. ... But wouldn’t it be nice if Bear River beat Colfax the next time they meet? Now that would be something to see: a three-way tie for first place in the league! Maybe I can get all of my Auburn chiropractor buddies to offer free adjustments to all of the Bear River team so they can be at their absolute best for the big upset game. OK, Bear River: Think dominance! See perfection! Feel power! Hear touchdown! Smell victory! Gordy Ainsleigh, D.C., Meadow Vista