McCain erred in judgment on Iraq, Afghanistan

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A shocking new video shows that in 2003, in front of the Council on Foreign Relations, Sen. John McCain said he was more concerned with the war in Iraq, and that we could “muddle through in Afghanistan” without a large number of forces. Senator McCain showed poor judgment and forethought, which is disturbing given that he says this area is his strong suit. We cannot “muddle through” in Afghanistan. We have done that for the past five years, and all that has happened is that the Taliban has recaptured a large chunk of that country, al Qaida is back at pre-9/11 strength, and Osama bin Laden is free and plotting against America. McCain’s strategy for launching a war in Iraq and staying there indefinitely, unlike Sen. Barack Obama’s, is a policy of retreat in the war on terror. It has made us less secure, and allowed extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan to regain their strength. John McCain in 2003 was horribly wrong — there was no “muddling through” in Afghanistan. There was either taking the fight to the enemy, or not. He chose not. That was a grave error in his judgment. Danny DeTora Citrus Heights