McClintock acts like a hypocrite

Reader Input
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I have recently become aware of the hypocrisy demonstrated by Tom McClintock, our representative from the 4th District to the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. McClintock was one of the members of Congress who voted against the stimulus bill in 2009 and then proceeded to ask for money from the stimulus bill several times in September 2009 for projects in his district. To quote from one of his letters to (United States Secretary of Transportation) Ray LaHood: “The stimulus bill was intended to create jobs so this is an ideal recipient of funding to rehabilitate a railroad that will bring economic growth to a depressed area”. If this isn’t “speaking out of both sides of his mouth,” I don’t know what is! I think it’s time for a change in representation from Placer County and the 4th Congressional District, don’t you? Linda Theodore, Lincoln