McClintock got it right

Reader Input
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(Letter to the editor writer) Doug Stark attacks Congressman (Tom) McClintock for calling out the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for its thuggish behavior (“McClintock’s got it wrong,” Reader Input, July 22).
Stark calls this “hateful language.” Really? Last year, the Washington Times exposed a 70-page SEIU “Intimidation Manual” in which the SEIU instructs its members to break laws, ruin reputations and bankrupt businesses.
The SEIU has resorted to such tactics as busing in people to flood hospital emergency rooms, threatening the children of their critics (including their own members) in their homes, and voter intimidation.
Just Google “SEIU” and “tactics,” and see for yourself.
Thank God we have a representative like Tom McClintock willing to stand up to SEIU’s thuggery and call them out on it. When are our local Democrat candidates going to start distancing themselves from their radical supporters like Doug Stark? Or do they agree with them?
Ken Payne, Roseville