McClintock lacks solutions to problem

Reader Input
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In reference to Rep. Tom McClintock’s guest column of June 8, page A4, he does not give any clues as to a solution to his title, “Is there a solution to California’s decline?” Instead, he takes to task former governors Gray Davis and Jerry Brown as well as unions and “radical environmental restrictions” culminating in Gov. Schwarzenegger’s hallmark bill to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 25 percent by 2020. Rep. McClintock might have turned the page to A5 to read all of the “Proposed Social Services Cuts”(Associated Press) that Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed for elimination. All on the backs of education, children, elderly and disabled residents, caregivers, child welfare, temporary assistance to needy families, reducing the contribution to the AIDS drug assistance program and phasing out college-fee assistance. These are among the proposals that would have the most profound effects. So, are Rep. McClintock’s solutions in line with Gov. Schwarzenegger’s service cuts? If so we are in for a rocky ride ahead. Maybe both of them need to try and live on the caregivers’ salaries cut from $10.10 per hour to $8.60 per hour. MILLEE LIVINGSTON, Auburn