McClintock our big naysayer

Reader Input
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Re: “McClintock a major Letdown,” by Todd Williams (Reader Input, July 2). Yes, Tom McClintock is living “up” to my expectations because I did not vote for him. Yet, I try often to e-mail him to take or support action about to come to a vote. Each and every time, McClintock’s response was “no.” He has no intention of representing me, nor does he cross party lines in order to communicate. When he wrote, “If global warming is man-made ...” I knew we are in deep trouble. I e-mailed him yesterday and suggested that he may want to use something other than “no.” I’m sick of him already. He’s useless. Positive change? Not until the next election when, I hope, the staunch Placer County Republicans will have realized the mistake they made electing this naysayer. Suzy Forwood, Auburn