McClintock polarizes

Reader Input
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I attended my first Tom McClintock Town Hall meeting. It felt like a Republican rally. I hoped to ask what he is doing to get Congress to work together. I never got to ask, but did get my answer — “nothing.” He promotes divisiveness. Mr. McClintock opened with, “Who thinks the administration is leading the country in the right direction?” We know Rocklin is conservative, but a number of us cheered. Then, “Who thinks the administration is leading us in the wrong direction?” A roar of affirmation came, including the man to my left. Mr. McClintock ensured we chose sides and everyone knew who was who. He repeatedly stated “the left” wants this, but the American people want — The message being if you don’t agree with him, you don’t count. Two positive events did occur, neither involved McClintock. First, that man to my left tried to get the microphone person to come my way. He said he liked to hear different opinions. Second, I ran into “tea party” friends. In our discussion, we listened to each other respectfully, realizing we had common goals. Mr. McClintock, please make your rally a meeting, promoting respect and healthy discussion, not dysfunctional polarity. Helen Olafsen, Rocklin