Measure B benefits all

Reader Input
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Re: “Measure B deserves ‘yes,’” I agree with Elinor Petuskey (Reader Input, Feb. 28). I am dismayed that the people of Newcastle are even debating the value of their own Newcastle Fire Department. Residents of Auburn and surrounding communities have retained their fire departments regardless of the “inconvenience” of higher taxes. It seems the height of irresponsibility for voters of Newcastle to expect their emergency calls would be answered by the fire departments of Auburn or Penryn or Lincoln. Are Measure B opponents really prepared to jeopardize their own and their neighbors’ safety for a mere $146 parcel tax? Is the value of a human life to be so cheapened by the relentless cacophony of anti-tax chants? Civilization implies social structure and social structure carries with it freedoms and responsibilities. Let us not forget our responsibilities to ourselves and one another. I for one would not want to live in a world where no one cared for the welfare of friend or neighbor. Harriett Bridges, Auburn