Measure B written poorly

Reader Input
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I would vote “yes” for a new fire station in Newcastle. I would vote “yes” for a fair living wage for the firefighters. I would not vote “yes” for Measure B! My main concern is that there may by an annual adjustment in the special tax rate based upon changes in the San Francisco Bay Area Consumer Price Index, or 3 percent, whichever is less. Why the San Francisco Bay Area CPI? I would think San Francisco is a more expensive area to live compared to Newcastle. That would mean higher increases. Do you get an automatic annual increase in your earnings? I don’t. The current special assessment for the Newcastle Fire District was originally $40. That has risen to almost $75. Another concern is that the tax rate may be changed by the Newcastle Fire Protection District Board, if it is placed on the agenda of the NFPD board of directors’ meeting with an opportunity for public input and discussion. I don’t believe there was enough public input or discussion prior to this resolution being put on the ballot. There also seems to be an unequal method of establishing the amount of the tax on parcels that have no structures on them. This resolution is poorly written, in my opinion. Vote “no,” have adequate public input, re-write it and try again. Terry Andreucci, Newcastle