Measure E a matter of life and death

Reader Input
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Measure E on the June election ballot provides a safety guarantee for residents and businesses in the service area of the Placer Hills Fire Protection District. The fire district offers quick response to fire calls occurring, but even more importantly, Measure E will enable it to continue to supply paramedic life-saving response to individuals who are threatened by medical emergencies. Seventy percent of the calls to the fire district are medical alert emergencies of residents. With the passage of Measure E, the fire district can continue to the aid of health and fire emergencies within five to six minutes in the Meadow Vista to Weimar area and enable it to staff paramedics on duty. It can be a matter of life or death for someone in the community. Emergency ambulance response from Auburn may require as much as 15 minutes … perhaps fatally late. Passage of Measure E will allow the district to employ six full-time personnel and encourage the part-time and unpaid volunteers to continue to invest their time and energy in service to the public that recognize the extreme importance of the work they do. Vote for Measure E in June 2012. Wally Reemelin, Meadow Vista