Measure K short-sighted, poorly crafted

Reader Input
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It has come to the attention of the Newcastle Firefighter Volunteer Association that there exists some confusion regarding the view of the association regarding Measure K. The Newcastle Firefighter Volunteer Association opposes Measure K. Measure K does not provide adequate long-term revenue to fund the district. Measure K does not provide enough revenue to continue offering full-time firefighters a capped health care benefit. If Measure K passes, Newcastle firefighters’ wages will inevitably be cut back to $8.50/hour and our health care benefit will be forfeited. Measure K is a short-sighted, thoughtlessly crafted initiative that makes no provisions for funding the Newcastle Fire Protection District beyond three years. Measure K does not acknowledge the inescapable reality that it is expensive to build a modern fire station. Measure K fails to provide enough money to build any station. Without a fire station, there will be no Newcastle Fire Department. We trust that the current NFPD Board of Directors will do right by the community and implement the intent of Measure B. Measure K sabotages Newcastle firefighters, endangers our Newcastle community and threatens the survival of our Newcastle Fire Department. To reiterate, the Newcastle Firefighter Volunteer Association opposes Measure K and wants that message to be clearly understood. WAYNE HICKOK, president; CHRISTIAN SUMAN, vice president; PATRICE METZ, clerk/treasurer/acting secretary, Newcastle Firefighter Volunteer Association