Measure K weakens team

Reader Input
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Newcastle firefighters are our first responders for fires and emergencies. They support and protect the five school campuses located in Newcastle, including three serving just special education students. In the recent past they have been called to our school for student accidents requiring immediate medical care, student medical issues requiring emergency treatment, a suspected gas leak, and two grass fires in the vicinity. They lead emergency training and are participate in community events. I oppose Measure K and the candidates running for the fire board who authored Measure K. Measure K sabotages Newcastle firefighters because it does not raise enough funds to pay our firefighters a modest wage; threatens the survival of our fire department because it doesn’t raise enough funds to build a new station or even fix the current one; threatens the safety of our children and our schools and puts our elderly citizens at risk, because without a fire station and firefighters, we will wait for first responders from other stations in our cities. For our children, schools and community, I ask for your help in defeating Measure K and reelecting the incumbents (Yvonne Lewis, Dave Poore, Robert Stearns) to the NFPD board. I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful community and believe that, working together, we can provide the very best in service for all. Kathleen Daugherty, superintendent/principal; Newcastle Elementary School District