Measure L not good for seniors

Reader Input
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Have you looked real close at your brand new property tax bill this year? Look at how much you and I are paying for school bonds now and the Auburn Union School District wants you to pay an additional $59 per year for five years which takes it up to July 1, 2016 called “a special parcel tax.” Please read the small print on the ballot and all of the flyers you receive in the mail. They all say “an exemption is available for senior citizens.” Measure L exemption does not become automatic with the passage of this measure. I spoke with the Auburn Union School District superintendent, and the forms for exemption would only come to you “if Measure L is passed.” Who knows if there is a cap on your earnings from Social Security and/or pensions or whatever which could prevent you from being exempt? I also learned from our conversation that if I pass away prior to the end of the five-year tax and I am exempt, that my adult kids that I am leaving my home to would not be exempt and would be charged the the full price of the years remaining on the measure.  I don’t know about the rest of you seniors, but I am very tired of all taxes. Also, you seniors who are renting, do not be surprised when your rental fee goes up. Guess who will be paying for this? Not the owner, but you. Join me on voting no on Measure L. Ken Newman, Auburn