Measure A loophole-filled

Reader Input
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I was undecided going into last week’s Measure A debate (“Charter debate evokes passion,” Journal, May 3), but the discussion that night, along with some independent research, convinced me to vote no.
The fact is that the city council did exclude the public from its charter deliberations — and rejected multiple requests from Councilmember (Mike) Holmes that an ad hoc citizens committee be formed before rushing this proposal to the ballot.
Most other cities that have considered charters have welcomed such public review. The fact that Auburn didn’t, is by itself, a good reason to vote no.
But it is not the only reason. Basic research shows that Measure A is full of loopholes that would allow politicians to pay themselves more, impose higher fines and penalties, and give away taxpayer funds.
A Placer County Superior Court judge confirmed as much in throwing out the city’s frivolous lawsuit against charter opponents.
I wish charter proponents had spent the night addressing these issues, instead of launching sleazy and irrelevant personal attacks on their opposition. Clearly, they didn’t have any good answers.
J. Brian Washman, Auburn