Measure A protects volunteers

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It was a great pleasure to see opinions being discussed during the recent Charter City Debate on Measure A. The State Theatre was packed full of supporters on both sides of the fence. Somewhat heated at times the community had the opportunity to see what both sides had to say about the matter. While there are many issues that will change the way our city is run with a charter city as opposed to a general plan city I want to focus on just one matter that holds a strong place in my mind as to why I urge you to vote YES on measure A. Our country was founded on volunteerism. When our forefathers came to this country they had to build their communities one two by four at a time. We built our homes, churches, barns and community centers together. If the community center burned down we built it all over again as a community. We volunteered our time to help our neighbors and the city we were building together. We had our time to give and the strengths of our hands that could build a community and develop relationships that would be the foundation of how we live worked and played together. Without volunteerism to work on community projects where would Auburn be today? A community yes. But, a community with the dedication and pride that we have today for the work we have done would not feel like it feels now. Citizens can walk past The State Theatre for example and say that they helped with their own two hands to make it look like it does today. In 2017 the ability to do volunteer work on community projects could change forever with prevailing wages being required for volunteers. With a Charter City we can continue to work together on two by four at a time to build our community as a community with our own two hands and know that we are a part of the foundation that makes Auburn what it is today. While this is just one issue being discussed in the Charter City Measure A debate and not the only important part of making a change to become a Charter City it is one that is the foundation of what Auburn is today. A community of volunteers that you can see in the Canyon keeping our city safe from wild fires, in Old Town Auburn sprucing up the streets and building entrance signs to direct visitors into our great city. Just to name a few of the many volunteer projects done by the citizens of Auburn. My vote goes to keep the Pride of Auburn vote Yes on Measure A. Bridget Powers, Auburn city councilmember