Media muddles swine flu truth

Reader Input
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Here’s another piece of propaganda passed on by the news media. Article headline: “CDC: 4,000 swine flu deaths in U.S.” (Journal, “News Digest,” Nov 12). That title alone is a lie! If you read what the article actually says, “... 4,000 or more Americans likely have died from swine flu ...” That means they don’t even know how many deaths actually occurred from it. They’re guessing! It could be 3,000, or 2,000 or even less. Many of the “complications” they state could also result from many other illnesses, including the plain old flu. This is another example of the orchestrated use of the media to create a “pandemic” and frighten Americans into getting their poisonous inoculations – one more way to make us believe that we need the government to take care of us. Wake up, America! Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn