Medicine prices way too steep

Reader Input
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Many people who watch The Ed (Schultz) Show saw him interviewing a leading Republican on his program. He asked why he hadn’t voted for an amendment to the health care reform bill that would have required big pharma to sell medicines to Americans for the same price they charge the rest of the world. The Senate had just overwhelmingly rejected this bill, all 40 Republicans and 26 conservative Democrats combining in the effort. The senator responded that he was concerned for the safety of Americans. (Now this is nice of him to be concerned for his constituents.) Ed continued the interview by saying that the drugs were the same ones sold by American companies all over the world that have already been approved by the government. The honorable senator responded by changing the subject. But surely all the help we can get from our elected officials is unusual and appreciated. I hope all those who read this will show their appreciation at the polls. Show our good representatives in congress how happy we are to be paying four times as much as the rest of the world for our drugs. MIKE DOUGLAS, Auburn