Mike Holmes a thrifty politician

Reader Input
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I strongly recommend Mike Holmes for re-election to the Auburn City Council. Not only has he done outstanding work as an incumbent, but he has been particularly thrifty with the taxpayers’ money. His philosophy is summed up by his comments in response to our Congress spending money like “drunken sailors.” Mike stated, “I resent throwing money around like a drunken sailor. When I was a young sailor (Mike is a retired Navy captain) I always stopped throwing money around when my own money ran out!” There’s a concept we need in our elected officials. Mike is dedicated to seeing that Auburn is kept fiscally sound, while protecting our public safety services; has been instrumental in keeping Lake Clementine open and is relentless in his efforts to keep Auburn State Recreation Area from closing next year. When you vote for Auburn City Council — vote for Mike Holmes! Arne Celick, Auburn