Misdemeanor charge for baby found at dump

By: Nathan Donato-Weinstein
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An Oregon woman who allegedly threw her baby in with the trash while staying in Roseville last year faces misdemeanor charges related to improper disposal, officials said this week. Hannah Webb, 25, of Pendleton, Oregon, pleaded not guilty Jan. 11 to a single count of improper disposal of fetal remains, a misdemeanor that could carry up to six months in jail, Placer County District Attorney's Office department spokesman Scott Owens said. Health officials were unable to establish a cause of death for the baby, a 10-pound girl, who was found by workers at the Nortech garbage sorting and recycling facility on Fiddyment Road last July. Nor were they able to determine a time of death, or whether the baby died before or after birth. Owens said doctors were apparently hampered in their efforts by fetal decomposition. The baby was found July 23 in a plastic trash bag with her umbilical cord still attached, according to previous reports. Law enforcement officials said at the time they were able to trace the baby back to a Roseville residence because of household garbage with identifying information included in the bag. Webb, who according to reports was a sixth-grade teacher at a middle school in eastern Oregon, was apparently in town visiting friends in Roseville, officials said. Webb later resigned her position at the school, according to news reports. Webb is accused of violating section 643 of the penal code, which states, No person knowingly shall dispose of fetal remains in a public or private dump, refuse, or disposal site or place open to public view. Webb is scheduled to appear March 27 for an early settlement conference.