Misinformation shrouds hunt

Reader Input
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Times have not changed, just gotten more media-driven. Everyone not only has an opinion, but they want to spend our tax dollars on public hearings and surveys to push their opinions. State Fish and Game has the facts and figures to support an unemotional rationale for increasing the number of J-17 tags. The “Anti’s” don’t have any facts, but they can use inflammatory remarks, or demand a hearing, or get a local town mayor, even though the hunt would not be in his jurisdiction, to agree with them. Statements like training children to be killers and turning children loose with shotguns only show there is no limit to the misinformation that those against will spread. I am not a deer hunter, but I believe that we should give our youth a chance to see what hunting is like. Give the youth a chance, maybe they will hate hunting so much that they will join the “Anti’s.” Curt Zollner, Auburn