Moffatt will enrich Auburn

Reader Input
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The current (Auburn) City Council has done a fine job of obtaining federal block grants for city improvements, one of which was the Streetscape project. Despite minor traffic problems, it is a hit with travelers and locals both. However, that money is one-time-only, and is meant for certain projects, not to help existing or new businesses. Sales tax from buying in the city returns more actual money to the City Council, which can then decide how to use it to help the whole community. Though sales tax is a smaller amount of money, sales happen every day, not once every 20-30 years. No one would say the current members have not done a good job and their many awards show that. But one voice does not run the Council. The reason the members are not all elected the same year is to avoid losing the experience of all the members at once. New voices are needed. Gary Moffat has opened and successfully continued in business during the last 10 years. His experience and “Think Auburn First” attitude can bring needed new ideas to help Auburn residents and commerce. Let’s value the success of the past and stay open to new ideas. Keep Auburn’s money in Auburn. Vote for Gary Moffatt. Mary Jo Smith, Auburn