Money should not be decider

Reader Input
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Re: “Second person denied Arizona transplant coverage dies,” (Journal, Jan. 7): I think that it is sad that our country has come to the point where we can’t supply desperate people with the transplant surgery they need, even though they don’t have health coverage. If it is a life-death situation, our hospitals should be able to spare someone’s life and not worry about medical bills. It is not only hard for the family and friends of this man, but the doctors that were “helping” him. It is now on their consciences that a man passed away in their care. This makes us look bad and unorganized, and now that it has happened twice it almost seems embarrassing. Because of less coverage, the patient “most likely” died. As a society, we need to ask ourselves if this is murder. If someone needs aid and it can be provided to save his life, should they be denied care because of money? PAIGE ROPER, student, Auburn