Montgomery earns reelection

Reader Input
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Four years ago the discussion in District 5 was about the individual filling the position of supervisor. This year the discussion is about issues in the district and in the county. In four years Jennifer Montgomery has removed personalities from the discussions and brought back an honest and open dialogue regarding the issues. Agree or disagree with her, you are still talking about the issues. Some decry that she may be out of touch with the issues in their part of the district. Well folks, it?s one heck of a big district but she does manage to cover it all and include a personal touch regardless of the area affected. If you look at the map, she doesn?t live next door to anyone but she does live within an hour?s drive of just about any point in the district. She attends the MAC meetings with regularity that makes it unusual when she isn?t there. Her phone and email are available darn near 24/7. I don?t know about the rest of her constituents, but I like having a representative that is available, will listen no matter how long it takes me to make my point and gives honest consideration to all points of view. I don?t know how much more you can ask of an elected official. I will be voting for Jennifer Montgomery in June. I would strongly recommend you do the same. Curt Smith, Auburn