Move ball to classy venue(s)

Reader Input
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There has recently been some support and some criticism with reference to the possibility of having another Black & White Ball. It does sound like it is going to be selective — but they have to start somewhere. I was wondering if maybe it could go back to the original Black & White Balls from years ago. It was a more formal event (still could be casual/dressy) — and held in a nice place. Why couldn’t it be held, for instance, at the Ridge — and also at the Holiday Inn? There could be shuttle buses to transport people back and forth.There could be one or two bands at each place. Food could be offered from the hotels. A bar is already set up at the hotels. Weather would not be a problem. All the tables brought in for food would now be available at the hotels — nice tables and chairs for comfortable sitting — plenty of dance room. The location would be more formal and perhaps create less wild behavior. Security would easily be maintained. The Downtown businesses would not be disturbed, decorations easier to create (just use the ones left over from previous years). Maybe the hotels would give a percentage of the bar monies to the chamber as a donation. Just a thought. JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn