Move Placer County Fair and watch it fail

Reader Input
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Part of the problem with the Placer County Fairgrounds and the raceway has been the lack of guidance and direction from Placer County. Why would they move the facility after all of these years? I do understand people complaining about noise from the raceway, but just like homes going in near airports, the airport was there and you decided to purchase the home in the area. When do we stop pampering the crybabies? I have lived in several locations over the years where I can hear the track and also feel the pressure of traffic from events and the fair being held at this location. It is what I expected living so close. The raceway and fairgrounds are a solid piece of history for the City of Roseville and Placer County should try to turn the boat around and get them on the right course. I can tell you that I have been going to the raceway as a regular visitor since 1982. My family raced there in the ?80s. My family still enjoys the facility and many other events there, however, I can tell you I will never attend the fair or the races if it is moved to a location like Sheridan. The crime rate is high and the reputation Sheridan carries does not really call out to families as a nice invitation. The current location is right in the middle of South Placer and draws people from surrounding areas. Move it and watch it fail. Michelle Paris, Placer County Community Development Resource Agency, Auburn