Muslims mean to take over

Reader Input
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When is a religion not just a religion? The Muslim movement has a religious component, but it goes far beyond that and incorporates Shariah law with its own set of rules for living and a system of justice for those who do not comply. Shariah law conflicts with many American laws and customs. In Muslim-dominated countries like Iran there is virtually no separation of church and state. This reminds us of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and the Church of England under Henry the Eighth. These movements mixed church with state and the result was torture and death for thousands of people who were suspected of heresy. It is interesting that American Muslims cry for “freedom of religion” when their beliefs conflict with traditional American laws and customs or with an employer’s right to have dress and other codes respected. But look at how Muslims treat other religions in those countries that they rule. Turkey has placed so many restrictions on the once-popular Christian churches that they are almost extinct. In Muslim-ruled countries it is a crime to convert a Muslim to another religion, but not vice versa. How many Christian churches are there in Mecca? The Muslim movement has the goal of converting the world to their “religion.” How long will it take for the Muslim movement to convert and then control European countries? Is America vulnerable to this takeover as well? RICK SCHROEDER, Meadow Vista