Nation overtaken in bloodless coup

Reader Input
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My name is John Albert Dummett, Jr. I am a registered Federal Election Commission candidate for president of the United States in 2012 on the Republican ticket. Article II, Section I, Clause V, states one must be over 35 years old, 14 years a continuous resident of the United States and, most important of all, a natural-born citizen to be eligible to run for president of the United States. A natural-born citizen is a child born to two natural-born citizens or in the case of a foreigner, both parents must have been naturalized before any progeny is born before natural-born status is conferred upon the child. Since Barry Soeterro’s father, Barack Obama, Sr. was never born on U.S. soil or naturalized to the United States but born in Kenya, Africa, there is no way on earth that Barry Soeterro, aka Barack Obama, Jr., is eligible to be president of the United States. Unless the election of 2008 is nullified, our nation has been over taken in a bloodless coup. Since Article II, Section I, Clause V, has been subverted if Barry Soeterro is allowed to serve out his full term, without there being a full-blown investigation to find the underlying cause of his citizenship status, the Constitution will be invalid. I am running for president of the United States in 2012 and one of my primary goals is to root out the worst hoax to have ever been perpetrated on this nation. There is a real life “Manchurian Candidate” who managed to be elected president and domestic and foreign elements are doing great harm to the United States. We may never be able to restore to our Republic our liberties or our freedoms. John Albert Dummett, Jr., Foresthill, 2012 Republican Party presidential candidate