Nation shall have fairness

Reader Input
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During his campaign for the presidency, I vaguely recall Obama proudly declare he was going to do something dramatic to the oceans — raise, lower, part — I have forgotten the details, but I thought, “Ho hum. That’s already been done.” Then he announced that with green jobs he would single-handedly stop climate change. After the ocean thing, altering Earth’s climate is a big snooze. But now our great leader has outdone himself. He is going to give us fairness. I’m all atwitter. Since the first muddy little creature crawled out of the primeval soup, fairness has never been accomplished. When I look past the shoulder of fairness I see socialism gaily skipping up the primrose path. When I hear socialism I see the gray old head of Marxism looming over the horizon. “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” That wonderful sentiment makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. We will have fairness. But we can’t all be equally wealthy so of necessity we must be equally poor. I can hardly wait. Just think. Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and me scrounging around in the same garbage Dumpster searching out the evening’s repast. Gosh, I hope the Donald shares. John Downs, Newcastle