NBA has much, wants more

Reader Input
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Lately, I have been hearing a lot about the NBA lockout. Though it is finally settled, I still find it outrageous that the players are getting hugely overpaid, and are asking for even more! These NBA athletes are being plain selfish. While they are getting paid huge amounts of money, thousands of people around the country are losing their jobs and houses, barely getting by. Then there are the owners of those teams who make even more money, and also want more. And they do much less work than the players. I think it would be best to lower the salaries of NBA athletes and the profit margins of the owners. Meanwhile, they could also lower the tickets for games, and the overpriced souvenirs or snacks. Those items are so expensive; it is a major rip-off. If the NBA could do this, it would allow more people to be able to go to games. Seriously, do people value sports entertainment enough to get ripped off that much, just for the owners and players to get overpaid? GRACE SCHOENHOFF, student, Auburn