NDA Act would disgrace US history

Reader Input
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The 2012 “National Defense Authorization Act” contains provisions within it that, if made law, would essentially authorize the United States government to use military and police force on American citizens without legal impediment. In other words, the protections from search and seizure that Americans now enjoy under the Bill of Rights, would be nullified under these new provisions. President Obama must veto the 2012 NDAA. I am a graduate from Granite Bay High School’s first graduating class. I come from a long line of Nashes dating back to 1652. Jacob Nash fought in the Revolutionary War along with two brothers who died for the cause of American freedom. In 1852, Lewis H. Nash was born and invented the liquid-ring vacuum pump that helped to revolutionize American industry. Therefore, because the NDAA of 2012 attacks the freedoms of everyday Americans, the NDAA is also a direct attack on the legacy of my forefathers, patriots who fought for and galvanized the American way of life that we enjoy today. I ask my fellow Americans and members of Placer County to think deeply upon the matter of the NDAA and urge your representatives to call for President Obama to veto this bill. Justin P. Nash, Oakland