Negativity sickens reader

Reader Input
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As a relatively new resident, I have become involved in the local supervisor race between Kurt Uhler and Pam Tobin. After receiving an ugly mailer, I contacted both camps in an attempt to become an informed voter. I called the Uhler camp first and was told by a nice staff menber that it was politics as usual and they were still wondering where some of the accusations were originating. Later I received two phone attempts by Mr. Uhler to which I responded when I returned home and Mr. Uhler answered and addressed the charges. Later I called Ms. Tobin who had someone else call me. He was relatively informed, yet as we went through the list of ?charges? I often chuckled as to the verifiable sources. After 20-plus minutes of explaining, he came to the position ?negative ads work.? My main reason for this letter is to plead for a better campaign. As intelligent voters, let?s kick innuendos, half-truths and manipulated statements in the gutter where they belong. I am dreading the upcoming presidential election, otherwise. We need a unifier. Oh, on this one, after much effort and thought, I?m backing Uhler. And, I will keep close watch. James Stewart, Granite Bay