Neon signs add to Auburn ambiance

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to an article in the Journal regarding dimming the lights in downtown businesses (“Auburn looks at dimming amount of Old Town neon signage,” Sept. 16).
Really! I have lived in Auburn all of my life and have raised my children here and I can honestly say that this is not only ridiculous but embarrassing. Old Town Auburn relies a lot on tourist traffic for business and also to keep our locals from going down the hill to shop. Restaurants and bars use these signs as a form of attraction and advertising.
Comparing this to Linda Robinson’s store is not apples to apples. A bar cannot put any alcoholic advertising outside of the establishment due to Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) regulations, nor why would you want to do that?
A large majority of the merchants close down after dark and don’t need any other type of advertising. The signs that the California Club and other businesses use not only help with advertising but add to the ambiance of our town.
Mr. (Will) Wong, I think there are bigger fish to fry than trying to hurt more local business with a lighting ordinance. I love the city where I live and feel fortunate to call this my home but I feel this ordinance might be better suited for Berkeley or the Bay Area.
Casey Kenoyer, Auburn