No boots, but this fitness camp packs a punch

Free sessions available to newcomers
By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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For Ashlie Pechin, getting fit means hitting the ground running. Only in this case, it’s hitting the ground for her FitForce Bootcamp.
Pechin, a certified fitness trainer, purchased the business in early spring from Krista Wend. She runs classes every day except Sunday. The sessions are held, rain or shine, at Recreation Park and Regional Park in Auburn, and at the Veterans Memorial Park in Foresthill.
“We do full body exercises,” she said. “ … I try to have a new type of workout each day. Sometimes we’ll use hand weights or resistance bands or kettle bells. I try to work on strength as well as endurance and cardio.”
The one-hour sessions include a warm-up and a cool down. Classes range from two to 10 participants. The age range is from teens to seniors.
“People join to lose weight or gain muscle or work on flexibility,” she said.
The options include circuit training.
“I’m up there showing them what the next exercise is and (seeing that) their form is correct,” she said.
Auburn Liz Hromada joined the program two years ago.
“Ashlie has changed it somewhat, but it is still a really good all-around strength-training, cardio and abdominal workout,” she said.
Hromada participates three times a week and said there are a couple of things about it she really likes.
“I’m an early riser so I go to the 5:40 (a.m.) class,” she said. “By the time I get to work, my workout is done for the day and I feel energized and good. Probably the second thing is that every workout is different, so it’s varied what you do each session. It’s interesting and fun. There’s a lot of variety to the classes.”
Cost averages $8 to $12.50 per class, with several packages available. One of the options is a $125 punch card good for 10 sessions. New participants must fill out and turn in a health screening and consent form, both available on the company website.
Pechin grew up in Grass Valley. She and her husband, Stuart Pechin, moved to Hawaii while he was stationed there with the Marines. They also spent some time in Utah before returning to this area. And she says she’s glad to be back.
As the wife of a former Marine, Pechin also wants to use the business to give back. She’s planning a fundraiser for July 4, to commemorate Independence Day. The class, to be held from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at Regional Park, will cost $1 per person, with participants welcome to make an additional donation. All of the proceeds will go to wounded veterans, she said.
“We would love to do (more fundraisers) for special days,” she said. We want to do one for Veterans Day. We’re really involved in military support.”
The Pechins are also looking at putting together a food collection drive for Thanksgiving and Christmas to benefit veterans.
In addition to running the exercise program, Pechin is working on a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. On her Facebook page, she answers questions and posts tips on health and fitness,
“I just use my background,” she said (about the source of her information). “If there’s something I’m not sure about, I’ll research it. Usually (they are questions) I can answer based on my schooling and being certified as a trainer.”
Prior to taking over FitForce, she offered fitness classes on an individual basis in clients’ homes. Running the FitForce program is a dream come true.
“I love that I get to basically help people work out every day,” she said. “I have such a passion for fitness and staying healthy and active. It’s great to see people get stronger and hear them say, ‘when I started this I couldn’t do one pushup and now I can do 10.’ And I just like to hear about the results they’re getting and seeing them being healthy and active.”
In her free time, Pechin enjoys biking and running, as well as using free weights and a weight bench.
Currently FitForce is offering two free weeks of participation for newcomers to the bootcamp program, she said.
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