No proof exists of Measure A savings

Reader Input
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Proponents of the Auburn charter say it will save money. What they won’t say is that they can’t prove it. Take it from me, the city’s elections official and elected city clerk whose duty is to attend, record and keep the minutes of all City Council meetings … I would know. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me that Councilman (Bill) Kirby, along with myself, and City Attorney Michael Colantuono have all now said that there is no proof that Measure A will save money on sewer repairs. No documentation exists. It’s a claim that was conjured out of thin air. I could also make the claim that this measure would cure cancer. I can’t prove that, either. So don’t let them fool you. In fact, Colantuono even went so far as to warn the council that Measure A could cost us more money — through lawsuits and more elections. Measure A also makes changes to public works bidding preferences that could give higher cost contractors a competitive advantage. Proponents of Measure A also won’t tell you that the charter city prevailing wage exemption on which they have staked their entire claim of cost savings is currently facing a legal challenge in the state’s highest court. Nor will they tell you that even if the exemption withstands this very expensive challenge, it will be moot in Auburn’s case, because the city council has already voiced support for a regional sewer — and an exemption only applies if the project is financed exclusively with city funds. So without sewer savings, what are we left with? I’ll tell you. We’d be left with a city government more like San Francisco, Bell, Vernon, Vallejo and Stockton. No thanks. No on Measure A. Joe Labrie, city clerk, Auburn