No, thank you, to any tax increases

Reader Input
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“Brown warns of school cuts if taxes rejected,” (Journal, Jan. 6). I thought that “recent polls show that a majority of Californians support tax increases” — at least that’s what a recent article stated. This article seems to give a different slant to the idea that most of “us” Californians support tax increases, otherwise, why would Gov. Moonbeam be warning us of cuts to schools (the one they always rely on to scare people) if his tax increases aren’t passed? I am not in favor of any tax increases — period! We will be experiencing enough with the kicking in of Obamacare. We certainly don’t need more state taxes on top of that. Besides, the schools are already overbloated on expenses that are not wisely used — why on earth should we be forced to give them more of our hard-earned dollars? I say, “please, go ahead and cut the school budgets, it’s about time. Maybe then, they will use the monies they get wisely.” Now I’ll be waiting for the whiners to bang the drums of “how dare anyone not want to give even more to our failed schools?” And we wonder why California is a failed state. Donna McCloskey, Auburn