This is no way to exit recession

Reader Input
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Yes, Mary Ann (Frank) (Reader Input, July 9), the feds are keeping us in the dark. Only the Internet, talk radio and one cable station cover all the news. The Gulf disaster could have been kept to a minimum if the president had waived the Jones Act and accepted the professional help. Suing Arizona for wanting to protect its citizens would not be necessary if the government would protect the border as they were asked to do. Now we have an executive order naming a man to head up the new Obamacare who believes in sharing the wealth and letting older people die because our president knew this man would not get approval from Congress. The latest is the plan after the November elections to pass cap and trade and many other bills the majority of the people do not want in the lame duck session before the newly elected could take their seats if the Democrats lose theirs. Our current Congress and president are doing the exact opposite of what history has proven would work to bring us out of a recession. To think doing again what has failed before will have a different outcome is stupid. We need leaders who are not afraid to cut the size of government, repeal Obamacare and lower taxes so that businesses will lose their fears of hiring and growth. Rules, regulations and taxes defeat public sector growth and jobs. Ann Laman, Auburn