Obama is a great man

Reader Input
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Ginny and I believe our president, Barack Obama, is a great man who deserves to be our president for many reasons. He is smart, he is black, he is all-American, he believes in peace, he is a Christian, he believes in the right for all Americans to express their beliefs, he understands and upholds our Constitution. There probably are other things that he believes in that could be enumerated above, but suffice it to say we believe he is on the right track in all of his beliefs. We fully intend to vote for him to be our president for a second term. We are not like the person who called us at 9 o’ clock in the evening several days ago and told us not to continue to be on President Obama’s side by what we write about him in the letters to the editor. He said he is a Muslim, he is a socialist, he doesn’t believe in our Constitution, and that in all he is not an American. We hung up and didn’t answer him, as we should have, that we are Americans, including him possibly, and because of that he has a right to say whatever he wants, because we trust that he is a misguided American and doesn’t truly understand what rights being an American gives him. Bob and Ginny Mock, Auburn