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Quoting (Newcastle attorney Carlos) de la Fuente (Journal, Nov. 17), “I really feel there’s something going terribly wrong in our country.” Gosh, ya think? How about our new budget out of Sacramento with making cuts here and there, raising tuition 9 percent, and having the arrogance to give a 10 percent raise to state senate staffers! And there, Carlos, is a piece of the problem. Public employees giving themselves perks, benefits, COLAs, salaries, health care and pensions for life. But then you know about these issues having been a deputy sheriff out of Los Angeles. And then there is the issue of tort reform. Gosh, Carlos, you’ve been associated with two pieces of the problems we face today. How about fighting those issues and fight to reform our education system? Those should occupy you for a long, long time. JAMES McKESSON, Auburn