Oil companies stealing our money to line their pockets

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How stupid do these politicians think we are? Ms. (Hillary) Clinton said when she becomes president she will place a tax levy on the big oil companies and they will not take it out on us. In my opinion that is a bunch of hogwash. No matter what they do to the oil companies, the bottom line is we the people will pay more and more. The oil companies are very selfish people and I for one am sick of them. Every time I turn around it's more and more taxes. Just where do these rich sickos think we are getting the money to pay for their rich lifestyles? I know this letter will not change anything because we the people have no power whatsoever when it comes to the politicians we vote into office to help us out. Yeah they help us out all right, by stealing our money to put in their own pockets. It all makes me sick to my stomach. Betty Cruz Auburn