One sign could save thousands

Reader Input
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This morning, Thursday, Sept. 23, I was driving on Auburn Ravine Road behind the Grocery Outlet, and once again a semi-truck trying to exit out of the parking lot onto Auburn Ravine got stuck, blocking about one-third of the road. This will probably cost the trucker hundreds of dollars in tow truck fees, possible traffic control costs, possible damage to his vehicle and lost time. I have seen this scenario at this same location, many, many times. Sometimes the truck will rupture its fuel tank, and then we have a Haz-Mat situation with the fire department involved, probably costing thousands of dollars. I have seen this happen. I worked in construction for 25 years, so I know I’m not the smartest guy in Auburn. But why doesn’t somebody put a sign at that driveway to warn truckers not to enter or exit this driveway, but to use the driveway on Elm Avenue? Joop Tenty, Auburn