Open letter to supervisors

Reader Input
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To: The Honorable Placer County Supervisors: As you know, your first duty to your constituents is to maintain the vitality of our county’s culture, economy and quality of life. It is obvious that the way to do so is by protecting and growing the job base and the tax base. We, the citizens, need your immediate and intense focus and attention. Take action for the creation of jobs by providing useful resources and incentives that encourage companies to open, operate and grow businesses here. We have suitable industrial locations and a skilled industrial workforce. Low-cost housing and retail are important, but we need more — much more. We need businesses that can research, design, develop and market products. We need businesses that make something — pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electrical equipment and components. We need businesses that provide real services — business process outsourcing, information technology, etc. The possibilities are endless. Also, we need to get serious about our potential tourist industry. We expect immediate action, performed with integrity, with checks and balances in place and with full disclosure. This is a challenging and complex task. Our county government and the community, working together, will succeed or fail together. Lee Lively, Auburn