Organize to battle Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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As a new homeowner in Auburn, I am horrified to learn there is a Wal-Mart coming soon if we don’t get organized and energized to stop it. As shown in DVDs like “The High Cost of Low Price,” Wal-Mart deliberately kills businesses in small communities, replaces decent jobs with low-wages and poor working conditions and reaches far beyond to set up sweatshops around the world in places like China and India. Folks who can’t make upcoming meetings can e-mail Placer County supervisors urging their support to stop Wal-Mart in Auburn. The rumors that it might be a Costco or a Sam’s Club or even a Trader Joe’s coming to town are all just smoke and mirrors from the developer, who tried to place a Wal-Mart here back in the mid-’90s but a court order prevented that. Take action now to stop his horrid vision from becoming Auburn’s reality. June Gillam, Auburn