Our apathy created chaos

Reader Input
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For many years our elected officials on both sides of the aisle have devoted a good portion of their time toward increasing their power. They have succeeded in convincing us that we cannot survive without their gentle benevolent hands on our collective shoulders. They create crisis after crisis, each one requiring a new department or agency. Our government has become so huge and unwieldy it can no longer operate efficiently, and hidden in this multi-layered maze is corruption, mismanagement and incompetence that should enrage us all. It has become a monstrous octopus with its tentacles curling around every aspect of our lives. And yet we mill around like so many bleating sheep, complaining and pointing fingers of blame in all directions, expecting what? Change? It is time to pick up a mirror and face the ugly truth. We, the people, are to blame. We have not paid attention. We have grown ignorant of our own history. We have become apathetic. If we do not re-learn the rich history of our own self-reliant past and engage more actively in the present, our future will be bleak, at best. Our leaders must be taken to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment. They are not our mommies and daddies. They need to be reminded of that and so do we. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle