Our country has not gone to hell

Reader Input
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Re: Dee Nann, “Our country has gone to hell,” (Reader Input, Sept. 18). Dee Nann, you are blessed to live in a democracy where you have Social Security and Medicare to take care of you in your later years of life. You have the freedom to disparage our president who was elected by a majority of the people. You have a good police and fire department. You can usually be assured that your food, medicines and other products are safe to use. No, our country has not gone to hell. This is still one of the best places to live in the world. Yes, college students have to pay more for tuition but it is still a very good price for a quality education. A child brought into this country at a young age by relatives and has graduated from high school, deserves to have a chance at higher education. And no, it isn’t free. Obesity is an expensive problem. The costs of medicating due to the results of obesity are enormous. The government subsidizes corn, beef and other products that contribute to obesity. If we can encourage healthy eating, we and our children will be happier as well as healthier. Yes, if you care about health, you will speak out about this issue. In the end, we all end up paying for poor health caused by obesity. In 2012 you can apply your “anger” at the ballot box. In the meantime, let’s show a little respect to the office of “president.” We need to work together for solutions and not resort to name-calling. This is a tough time for our country, but we are strong and we will get through this. Karen Tajbl, Auburn