Our View: Holmes pick for District 3 race

Our View
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When it comes to a local elected leader, it?s important that the person elected to fill that position is connected to the community and is knowledgeable on local issues, among other qualities. In that respect, current Placer County Board of Supervisors District 3 supervisor Jim Holmes is the right choice to represent that community for another four years. Holmes has been vocal on what?s best for taxpayers on issues including the regional sewer pipeline proposal and how an estimated $2.5 million to $3 million in Middle Fork Project relicensing agreement funds should be used in 2015. Holmes has also proven to be connected with his constituents. He regularly attends community events and meetings, meets with residents of his district and is accessible by phone or email. That involvement is one important factor for voters to consider. Holmes can be reached and held accountable should those he represents disagree with his decision making. The newly reshaped District 3, which used to include Auburn, now takes in Newcastle, Penryn, Ophir, Loomis and parts of Rocklin. In a recent interview with the Journal?s editorial board, Holmes identified three key areas he thinks are of concern for the district. He said how the county will continue to manage jail realignment and staff its new jail facility in Roseville, replacing a workforce of retiring senior managers with quality hires and continuing to build the county?s reserves as top issues. He added that his focus will be on the rural residents so their voice is still heard. In regard to the much debated regional waste water pipeline proposal, Holmes voted against the motion for the county to move forward with a regional plan. He said he preferred a relatively less costly upgrade to the North Auburn sewer plant. ?The pipeline to Lincoln is not a project, it?s a concept,? Holmes said. He added that he doesn?t see a scenario at the moment that will keep ratepayers? rates from skyrocketing under the regional plan. Holmes said he wants to take $2.5 million the county is anticipating to receive from Middle Fork Project relicensing agreement revenues and save it, and build interest on it instead of starting to spend what we don?t have. Holmes has a well funded campaign. He had a little more than $20,000 in monetary contributions received last year. In comparison, Holmes? challenger, Bob Grigas, has a little more than $1,000 Grigas loaned his own campaign. Grigas promotes his principles of liberty and says he?s not afraid to analyze issues and ask the tough questions. However, he has yet to show strong or in-depth knowledge on local issues. He doesn?t promote any involvement in local community projects, events or meetings. More specific answers to questions on matters such as the regional sewer plan and what are the issues facing District 3 would go a long way in Grigas? campaign. He says he needs more information on those matters before he makes a decision, but candidates should be better informed well before they begin a campaign or decide to run for an office. However, Holmes has specific answers and he?s on the ground level with voters, who, if they don?t like his actions, can reach him with relative ease and say so. We hope to see Holmes continue to look out for what?s in the best interest of taxpayers and are encouraged by his overall record as county supervisor that he will.