Our View: Prepare for free, fun-for-all fest

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Saying Auburn Recreation District Director Scott Holbrook likes Party in the Park is like saying children tolerate Disneyland. It doesn’t really tell the whole story. Holbrook loves Party in Park. It’s his signature event. The longtime recreation district director fancies himself a music promoter, and his party keeps getting better and better. This year it’s a reggae fest. While dreadlocks and Jamaican music might seem a little out of place in Auburn, quality live entertainment in a spectacular setting at Regional Park is always in style. Kahl Muscott, Sheryl Petersen and the other top ARD staff have seen the vision, and they, too, are swaying to the reggae beat. And did we mention the event is free? When concerts like this could set you back $100 or more for a family of four, ARD rolls it out for the cost of the gas to get there. Carpool, and you’ll save even more. Tonight’s Party in the Park features an evening of entertainment fit for a Jamaican prince. Along with The Tosh Meets Marley Tour, featuring world-renowned musicians who played with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, there will be bounce houses for youngsters, infectious reggae music for everyone and even a beer garden, hosted by Auburn’s own Rotary club, for the older Rastas. And, oh, ya mon, there are some tasty Rotary tri-tips sandwiches for sale for those little Rastafarians who need a protein boost. It’s fun to see someone get so excited about an event, and Holbrook had little trouble encouraging the Auburn Journal to become a major sponsor. It’s a party, mon, so come out and dance. As Bob Marley and The Wailers crooned: “Ooh, yeah! All right! “We’re jammin’ “I wanna jam it wid you. “We’re jammin’, jammin’, “And I hope you like jammin’, too.” When asked why anyone would want to come out and celebrate the community lovefest that is Party in the Park, Holbrook easily came with his top 5 reasons to join the party: No. 5: Family fun: It’s a time when family and friends can all come together. No. 4: Great music: The music that will be presented by this internationally recognized group of musicians is very special. Bob Marley and Peter Tosh gave us some of the greatest songs ever. No. 3: Tasty food: While the aforementioned world’s greatest tri-tip sandwiches take center stage, there are plenty of other delicious offerings including the Lions’ precision-crafted Frankfurters, the Auburn Association of University Women’s Cheeseburgers in Paradise and the Soroptimist’s sweet delights. No. 2: Location, location, location: Regional Park is spectacular. The setting of soft grass and shady canopy under mature oak trees is beautiful and relaxing. No. 1: Smiles — Party in the Park offers everyone a reason to grin. “We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, “And we’re jammin’ in the name of the Lord; “We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, “We’re jammin’ right straight from Yah.” Party in the Park is a free, fun-for-all, reggae fest. See ya there. And, keep smilin’, mon.