Outhouses the way to go

Reader Input
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After witnessing a minor dust-up between (Placer County) supervisor (Jim) Holmes, Cheryl Maki and Bob Snyder at the last Meddlers meeting in regard to the regional sewer plant, I was amazed that no one has thought of the obvious solution: outhouses! Just imagine the possibilities, the long-raging debate about sewage disposal flushed, and with the construction industry in the toilet so to speak, the construction of new outhouses would mean jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Why heck, in no time at all we could turn Placer County into the outhouse capital of the state, maybe the nation. When one considers the state of the state and the state of the nation, this remedy seems not only workable, but very appropriate. As a self-anointed authority on the 19th century, outhouses and the attendant issues contained therein, I stand ready to serve. President Obama, send me some stimulus money and together we can clean up the environment. Put America back to work. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle