Owner to blame not breed

Reader Input
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I have just read another “pit bull” letter, written by someone with a very callous disregard for animal life. It is sad for me to realize there are people living in our community with that mindset. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes have been around for many years, and have included many of our most beloved and famous dogs. They are without a doubt, the most affectionate, intelligent, faithful and sweetest breeds in dogdom. I am speaking from long personal experience. We have had pit bull mixes in our family for over 50 years, and have always been proud of them. Any breed, under certain circumstances, will adopt a “pack mentality.” Owners of all breeds must be responsible. Lately, pit bulls have become scapegoats for owners who should probably not even be dog owners. Obviously, the owner of the four dogs involved in the recent incident had no business having four large dogs behind a faulty fence in a downtown area. Again, why must the dogs always pay for the owner’s negligence? Jan Carolan, Applegate