Owners: Curb your dog

Reader Input
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Regading the “dog controversy” going on now, I think a psychiatrist’s opinion should be in the mix. Seriously. Dogs (and cats) have taken over the lives of some people. Some even wear clothes. Yes, pet owners are responsible for their pets’ behavior. My neighborhood has a lot of dogs — barking dogs. They bark and they bark. I called animal control, and because I complained about more than one dog, it was suggested that “I just don’t like dogs.” I don’t like barking dogs! This seems trivial compared to a dog attack but at the same time, I haven’t the right to ask for my rude neighbor to curb their dogs’ barking? The pitbull dog seems to be the larger threat, but I have been bitten by a chihuahua, in a public place. It was on a leash and I happened to walk by. If you have the need to own a pet, keep it for yourself, and to yourself. Some of us do not share your enthusiasm. Judy Lauffer, Auburn